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Monday, February 7, 2011

Betta Splendens Fish Care: Points to Remember splenden care
betta fish tank
Once you have chosen the living space for your betta splendens fish, then you are almost ready to add your fish to their new environment but there are some important points that you should take into account for optimum betta splendens care to keep your fish free from danger and disease and to keep them healthy. 

When decorating your betta’s home you should: 

1. Take care to avoid jagged rocks and decorations because the betta splendens fish could tear their fins on these. Stick to smooth surfaces when thinking about optimum betta splendens care. 
2. Make sure that you avoid any hard plastic plants as they can damage the betta’s fins because they can be quite rough. If you are not sure about the roughness of the plants, then why not try the ‘pantyhose test.’ Rub the plastic plant over a pair of pantyhose and if they snag or rip them then this means that the plants might damage the betta’s fins. To be safe, by silk plants to increase betta care and happiness. 
3. You don’t have to use live plants but they can be a great addition to the betta splendens fish tanks. Betta’s enjoy hiding in the leaves to sleep and they can be much prettier than silk plants- and gentler on the betta’s fins. 

Another important point to consider when it comes to betta splendens care is the water preparation. You should always use a water conditioner for any fish when putting tap water into a tank, and it is important to note that chlorine in the water can be harmful to betta splendens fish. You can also let the water stand for a few days to remove the chlorine, but it is still very important to use a conditioner to remove chloramines. 

When you fill your tank, you should fill it to about 80% of its capacity if it is an open top tank because when motivated, betta splendens fish can jump over 3 inches! And you don’t want your fish to leap out all over the place. you can use a mesh cloth which sits over the top of the tank so that the fish are not encouraged to jump and your can add extra water which will make the betta splendens fish happier and can access the surface air easier. Before you add the fish to the tank, be sure to test the temperature of the water, it must be maintained at 78-82 degrees so a small heater will make this easier to do because the water temperature is often cooler than room temperature. You are now ready to add your betta splendens fish to the tank! 


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