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Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Be careful when feeding betta fish with tubifex worm
Tubifex worm
You should have heard tubifex worms. Smooth red worms and live in clotted group. This worm is very clearly visible in the sewage or gutter and waving like a tassel by water's flow.

This worm is another type of betta splendens fish favorite food. Betta will look vibrant and difficult to stop biting this tubifex worm lump.

This worm is fleshy and of course it highly contains protein that will make betta splendens become more healthy.

Behind its high protein content, tubifex also have harmful effects to betta splendens fish. One of my experience is when the tubifex worm looks come out from my betta's gill and it makes betta splendens fish pain. Betta splendens fish becomes wild and move in disorder path. Mishandled on this situation can lead to the dead of betta splendens. Provide assistance by removing the betta splendens from the tank when it happen and slowly pull the worms out of its gill. worm in water
Tubifex worm in water

This incident could be happened when giving betta splendens with excessive tubifex worms at once. Betta splendens will look excited when fed with tubifex and betta splendens will bite the worm brutally and greedy. Betta splendens fish takes another biting before completely swallowed its first biting. In same time the worm is still alive in betta's mouth and will try to get out and sometimes it comes out from betta's gill

Remember, worms can grow and live with only part of its body.

To prevent this from happening can be by giving tubifex worms to betta splendens bit by bit so it can eat and swallow the worm properly before having next small lump of tubifex.
Another important thing needs to give concern when feeding betta splendens fish with tubifex is the cleanness. Tubifex live with various bacterial and virus in the sewage. Make sure the tubifex is already flushed before giving to betta splendens fish and it will help to ignore bacterial and virus attack .


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