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Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Betta Splendens Velvet disease disease
Velvet is a kind of disease caused by parasite than known as Saprolegnia sp.

This disease is marked by rust color wrapping betta splenden’s body and it will be more clearly visible under the light.

Fin is commonly first part of betta’s body attacked by velvet and it spreads around the gill and body. Velvet will make betta splendens seems feel itchy and it is indicated by betta’s motion, fast and disorder. Scratching their body to the gravel in the pond or aquarium wall is other indication for this disease.

At the beginning this disease will shown like copper or rust color covering betta’s body and white spots spreading around betta’s body. In serious condition the fin and the tail will be rot and torn, the scale is peeled. Late in treatment will lead to the death of betta splendens.

Low pH is one of trigger for velvet attack, late and irregular schedule for changing the water can cause low PH. Unclean food and Rotten foods remnant will lead to bad quality of water, it is also can be trigger for this velvet disease.

The first thing to do in treating betta splendens velvet disease is to isolate them from the health ones because this disease very contagious. For the medication, put them in new water and add antibiotic as per dosage recommended at the package such as Tetracycline HCL 250 mg, Amoxcycilline, or Flagil 500. Gold 100, Root Stop, Super Internal atau Blitzcth can be the alternative .

For prevention of this velvet attack is best by changing the water reqularly. Adding 1 or 2 tea spoon of salt for 1 gallon of water will make betta stronger against velvet and benefit better betta’s health.



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