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Friday, May 14, 2010

Ketapang (Terminalia catappa)/Indian Almond for Betta Splendens Health

It is so  sad to see your wounded  female betta splenden  after a breeding process because it is sometime the male bite and strike the female during  breeding process.
Broken fin and scratch at the body will make  the female limp  and it is also a susceptible condition for infection by bacterial and parasite attack.

In their natural life, there many subtances sourced from fallen dried  plant leaves into the river  that help betta splendens for recovery. One of known plant that help betta splendens for  recovery is Ketapang. Ketapang’s leaf  (Terminalia catappa L) or also known as Indian Almond's leaf contain much antioxidant and antimicrobial compounds. 

 When dried Ketapang's leaf  submerged into the water, it will give  strong brown color  to the water. Put wounded betta splendens in to this brown water and broken fin and scratch  at betta's body will slowly recovered. Betta splendens will looks comfort and the broken fin will slowly grow and the scratch is healed.

Not only for wounded betta splendens, this dried Ketapang's leaf also good for keeping health Betta's  become healthier, it harden the scale and sharpen betta spleden color.

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