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Sunday, January 16, 2011

Caring Betta Splendens and Betta Fish Tank. splenden care
betta splenden care
Caring betta splendens can be a frustated thing when you have no adequate knowledge  to do it.
Broken fin and bacterial infection   and many more disease can attack your lovely betta splendens. I my self sometimes just can  see my betta splendens slowly dead with have no proper medication. 

I have searched  and read many articles  to increase my knowledge on how to take care betta splenden and to be able to give my  betta splendens a right action instead of just changing the water when they are sick and lasting with dead.

Untill then I found a  book  that help me very much in understanding more about betta splendens especially for  prevention from disease and  growing  healthier betta. The book is  titled Betta Lovers Guide This books give complete information about caring and providing proper environment for your betta splendens. They contain many information that I have learned for long time from my own experience and from my exploration in searching and reading articles from internet.

Look at some  paragraph taken  form Betta Lovers Guide  the which giving information good information:
  • The ideal water temperature, thoroughly tested by 27 expert breeders, to keep a betta's tank. Water temperature is extremely important. It can make your fish lively (not sluggish) and even keep destructive bacteria to a minimum so that your Betta splendens is happy and healthy. I also reveal how you can keep the water temperature at that ideal level. (Page 24.)
  • When you put a betta splendens into a brand new tank, there can often be high levels of ammonia build-up, which makes your fish sick. You'll learn how to avoid that, using my very private "seeding" method. (Page 25)
  • Good news: despite what you might have heard, bettas don't necessarily have to live by themselves, as long as you follow these 9 rules. (Page 22)
  • You an even have two males in the same tank together (and they won't fight with each other!) under these special conditions. (Page 21)
  • Learn what the best food is to give your betta splendens and why. You'll also learn what treats should only be given in moderation. You won't need to worry anymore about whether you're feeding your betta splendens nourishing foods, since you'll know what exactly to do. (Chapter 6)
  • Plus... what to do if your betta won't eat. Don't be alarmed. Just follow these two simple steps. (Page 32)
  • A guide to boosting your betta's life expectancy. It's normal to become highly attached to your little one. Follow these unbreakable rules and your Betta will be alive and thriving for as long as possible. (Page 49)
  • What you must do before bringing home your new pet betta splendens. Doing this simple series of steps can avoid having your fish die from "New Tank Syndrome."(Page 20)
  • What it means when the tank keeps getting a foul smell even though you cleaned it... and what you can do to get rid of the odor once and for all. (Page 32)
  • Give even the most aggressive male betta splendens the best possible life of socializing with other betta splendens -- without any risk whatsoever of there being a fight!(Page 13)
  • Betta splendens have a unique ability to breathe the same air we do. Discover why this means betta splendens should be in a different kind of tank than other types of fish -- and how specifically to make your tank "betta-friendly" so your little one can breathe as easily as possible. (Page 8)
  • How to safely and humanely prevent your Betta splendens from jumping out of his bowl. (Bettas must not dry out -- which is what could happen if they jump out of their bowl -- causing them to die.) (Page 8)
  • If you ever are going to take your betta splendens to a show competition, your little guy will need to flare for the judges. I'll show you an easy, insider's trick used by top betta splendens breeders to get them to flare practically on command. Even if you'll never go to a show, this trick will make your friends ask you what your secret is.(Page 13)
  • If you do decide to get your betta splendens from a pet store (as most hobbyists do) watch for these 7 danger signs and you'll maximize the chances of bringing home a happy betta splendens. (Page 16)
  • The 7 steps of introducing your betta splendens to his new environment. (I cover everything from the best place to put your betta's tank to how exactly to put him into the new tank so that he doesn't go into shock and possibly die) (Page 19)
  • How to train your betta splendens to swim around the tank in whatever pattern you command. Your friends will be dazzled! (Page 55)
Get  Betta Lovers Guide for your reference  in caring your bettas Here!


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