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Saturday, May 8, 2010

Beautiful Cupang (Betta Splenden)

Betta splenden or Siamese fighting fish, in natural  it lives in paddy field, small river and other clean water ponds.
 In Indonesia, this fish known as "ikan cupang" or "ikan laga" which means fighting fish. Many interesting things about this fish, the color, the tail and off course, flaring  fins by the male when he tries to attrack the female and also it is really interesting to watch the male's  "show off "  when he challenge other male.
I really like to watch the combination of supple and  fast  movement of the male, it is really fantastic especially when they are in fighting, though I don't like  them  to  fight because it will break all their beautifull fin .

Here is the image I took from Wikipedia to show the beauty of this fish.

It  is different appearance of the female. They are not as beauty as the male :). Female's color is rather pale and not as slim as the male. The female has bigger belly and the short fin. There will be stripe  around her body when she is attracted by a male and it is also a sign for  her readiness for a reproduction process.

All about Betta Splendens

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