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Friday, April 8, 2016

Betta Splenden disease

Betta splenden is very sensitive on quality of water in where they live. They like clean water and will look unhappy  with pale color when the water is turbid, the fish will look lazy and less motion. Good quality of water is the key of success to  keep them health and longer life.

Bad quality of water and high organic chemical level  where many  parachite and virus live  will risk betta with many disease.  It  could be caused by food remnant especially if feeding them with pellet and marked by  bad smell of water.The source of parachite and virus also could come from unclean food, so ensure the worm or mosquito larva are clean before feeding them with these foods.

The common disease attack betta is the white spot at the spins and Dropsy = "big hard belly". White spot  will attack the fin then grow  to over the body, it  caused by Ichtyophthirius multifillis bacterial attack and this  disease can be ended with death of betta splenden. Dropsy or big hard belly is also marked by erected scales of the betta, this disease could be caused by virus or  aeromonas bacterial or  Hexamita parachite.Betta will stop eating and the  same as white spot this disease it can bring betta ended with death.

White spot disease can be recovered by adding antibacterial salt such as Bliz Id  with dosage of 4 cc/L/day or other antibacterial as per recommended dosage like Fismate or  Root stop.

Dropsy disease could be recovered by taking betta splenden out  the contaminated   water and put in clean  water with some drops of antibacterial. If this method  shows no progress then change the method by add the food with Oxytetracycline atau Chloramphenicol dosage of 0.05 mg/g of betta splenden weight for about 8 to 10 days.

Instead of putting the fish with risk of death by the disease it is better to think about to keep the good quality of the water, right?  Change the water regularly before it turbid and  spread bad smell and don't totally change the water in one time, it surprise betta!  Just replace  a half  of  water  in the container with the fresh water.


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